"Stonewall Veterinary Clinic provides high quality veterinary services for dogs and cats"


Wellness care for puppies and kittens, dogs and cats.

This includes a complete physical exam any necessary vaccinations and monitoring services.


Home Again Microchip and Enrollment.

We recommended "Microchipping" your pet at the time of a routine spay or neuter for your puppy or kitten, but can be performed at any time for your pet. We enroll your pet as well for microchip activation.


Comprehensive Diagnostics.

Diagnostics include blood analysis (in-house and/or coordinated with an outside reference lab), blood pressure, ocular pressure, digital radiographs, and ultrasound.


Pharmacy and prescription foods. 

We have an in-house pharmacy as well as the ability to order on-line through our website. 





Prescription diets to support medical conditions are available at our clinic.


Hills Prescription Diet logoPurina Veterinary Diets logoRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet logo



Diagnosis, Treatment and Hospitalization of Medical, Surgical and Critical Patients.


Routine and Specialized Surgical Procedures.   

We have the ability of on-site specialized surgical procedures by a Board Certified surgeon.


Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment.

These cases are referred to board certified medical and surgical specialists, in addition to our on-site board certified surgeon.


After-Hour Emergencies and Continued Critical Care Medical Cases

These are referred to one of several local, full-service emergency and critical care facilities.


Pet Dental Care. 

Good oral health is an important element of your pet’s preventative care.  Dental cleanings include a complete oral health exam, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and rinse.  Dental procedures may also include, but are not limited to: digital dental radiographs; extractions; oral tumor removal, and; epulis removal (benign gum tumors).


Laser Therapy. 

Laser therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment.  Laser Therapy has been successful in treating many acute and chronic conditions, including: infections; arthritis; wounds; tissue trauma; sprains, strains and fractures; allergy inflammations; lick granulomas; hip dysplasia; tendonitis; urinary tract disease, and; post-operative healing.   It reduces pain, inflammation, and increases speed of healing.


Cat and Dog Boarding. 

Cat boarding is available for our clients.  Dog boarding is limited to medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures.


At Home Services.

In very special cases we try to provide home euthanasia. If we can’t, we recommend the following to owners who would prefer to have their beloved pet euthanized in the privacy of their home.


Lap of Love


Around Town Mobile Vet Clinic - Dr. Price


Wholistic Paws Veterinary Service – Dr. Krisi Erwin